Auction 71 - The Collection of Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber

Map of Jerusalem – Christian van Adrichom – Late 16th Century / 17th Century – Hand-Colored Engraving

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Ierusalem, et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi florui [Jerusalem and Its Surroundings in the Days of Jesus], map of Jerusalem by Christian van Adrichom. Hand-colored engraving. [Ca. 1584 to 1628].
An imaginary map of Jerusalem and its surroundings, depicting 270 (numbered) sites and scenes, from the time of Kings David and Solomon and up to the Crucifixion of Jesus, mentioned in the Bible and in other sources. The map was first printed in 1584 and added to a booklet titled "Jerusalem… et suburbanorum… brevis description", which described the 270 sites and events depicted by it. Since 1590, the map was added to the various editions of "Theatrum Terrae Sanctae" by Christian van Adrichom.
No text on verso.
Map: 74X50.5 cm (printed on two conjoined sheets). Good condition. Fold lines. Some stains and minor blemishes.
Laor 934.
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