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Manuscript, Torah Novellae by R. Eliezer David Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar, Author of Keren LeDavid

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Leaf (2 pages), novellae on Parashat Acharei Mot, handwritten by R. Eliezer David Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar, author of Keren LeDavid.
Manuscript handwritten by the author. R. Eliezer David's novellae on the books of Bereshit and Shemot were published before the Holocaust. The manuscripts of the other parts were hidden in the ground and thus survived the Holocaust, and were only finally published in 1976. The present leaf may have been amongst the writings which were hidden during the Holocaust.
This manuscript contains the initial text, handwritten by the author; it was published with many variations in the Brooklyn 1976 and Bnei Brak 2008 editions.

R. Eliezer David Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar (ca. 1866 – 1928), prominent Torah leader and yeshiva dean in Hungary and Transylvania. Close disciple of his brother R. Moshe Grünwald, the Arugot HaBosem. He served as rabbi in many prominent communities, establishing in each place a large yeshiva where he edified many disciples, including dozens of rabbis and poskim.

[1] leaf. 27.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Marginal stains (traces of glue). Marginal open tears, affecting text. Margins strengthened with sellotape.

Rabbis of the City of Satmar – The Zichron Yehuda and the Keren LeDavid