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Collection of Keren LeDavid Books – Responsa and Novellae – Satmar, 1929-1939 – Inscriptions, Signatures and Stamps

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Keren LeDavid, responsa and novellae on the Torah and festivals, by R. Eliezer David Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar. First editions.
The collection includes:
• Keren LeDavid, responsa, Orach Chaim part. Satmar, 1929. Stamps of R. Yisrael Menachem Braun Rabbi of Brezovice author of She'erit Yisrael (1861 – perished in the Holocaust 1944, brother-in-law of the Arugot HaBosem and father-in-law of Rebbe Yaakov Yechezkiyah Grünwald of Pupa, the Vayaged Yaakov).
• Keren LeDavid, Aggadic novellae on the Torah – Part I on Bereshit and Part II on Shemot. Satmar, 1930-1939. Two parts in two volumes. Bound with: Part II of Keren LeDavid on the festivals (Satmar, 1934).
• Keren LeDavid, Aggadic novellae and homilies on the festivals – Part I on Elul and the Tishrei festivals, Part II on the other festivals. Satmar, 1934. Two parts in one volume. On the verso of the title page of part I, stamp of Rebbe Yosef Grünwald of Pupa, dayan and posek in Satmar.

R. Eliezer David Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar (ca. 1866 – 1928), prominent Torah leader and yeshiva dean in Hungary and Transylvania. Close disciple of his brother R. Moshe Grünwald, the Arugot HaBosem. He served as rabbi in many prominent communities, establishing in each place a large yeshiva where he edified many disciples, including dozens of rabbis and poskim.

Four volumes. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. New bindings.

Rabbis of the City of Satmar – The Zichron Yehuda and the Keren LeDavid