Auction 92 Part 2 Rare and Important Manuscripts and Items of the Gross Family Collection

Manuscript with Ornate Binding – Sefer HaBrit of the Mohel Rabbi Moshe David Gallichi – Siena, Italy, 1740

Opening: $8,000
Estimate: $15,000 - $25,000
Sold for: $11,250
Including buyer's premium

Manuscript, Sefer HaBrit, including order to be recited on the night preceding the Brit, with selections on the topic of Brit Milah from halachic works and books on Jewish thought, by the mohel R. Moshe David Gallichi. [Siena (Italy), 1740].
Ornate, gilt-decorated reddish leather binding. Emblem of the Gallichi family on front and back boards, with the inscription: "Sefer HaBrit, belonging to me, Moshe David son of R. Avraham Gallichi 5500; Moise David Gallichi 1740".
Italian script on high-quality paper. The manuscript opens with verses to be recited on the night preceding the Brit, according the rite of Siena, Italy, followed by a compilation of sources on Brit Milah. A piece of paper at the beginning of the manuscript lists the verses found in the body of the manuscript, with the heading: "Order of verses customarily recited on the night before the Brit in the Siena community…".
The first part of the manuscript (ff. 1-11) contains the aforementioned verses in vocalized, square script. These are followed by various texts, mostly in cursive Italian script. The compilation includes selections from the sages, poskim and commentators on the topic of Brit Milah: passages of Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash and Zohar pertaining to Brit Milah; chapters from the book Menorat HaMaor; Nefesh Yehuda commentary to the above chapters; laws of Milah from Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah with the commentaries of the Taz and Shach at the end of each section; responsum of the Radvaz on section 282 (with passages of the Magen Avraham, Minchat Kohen and Knesset HaGedolah on this topic); responsa by R. Sh. Aboab on the topic of Milah; Leket HaKemach laws of Milah; Panim Chadashot laws of Milah; commentary of R. Gur Aryeh HaLevi on laws of Milah.
Some of the Gallichi family members served as mohalim in Siena (see circumcision ledger of the Gallichi family, Ms NY JTS 3830). Not much is known about R. Moshe David son of R. Avraham Gallichi, owner of the present manuscript (apart from the fact that his signature appears on a ketubah signed in Nissan 1739 in Siena; Siena State Archive, no. 11). The elaborate binding of the present manuscript reflects the wealth and status of the Gallichi family in Siena. The Gallichi family is known to have sponsored the building of a new synagogue in Siena, which began in 1756; the synagogue was inaugurated in 1786 (see Kedem auction 16, item 352).

92 written leaves (and many more blank leaves) + [1] folded leaf. 22 cm. High-quality paper. Good condition. Stains. Tiny marginal tears to two leaves, one repaired with tape. Decorated, gilt edges. Ornate, original leather binding, with many gilt ornaments. Decorated metal clasps (minor blemishes to binding). Placed in a clamshell box.

See: Index of Jewish Art, Gross Family Collection, Jerusalem, Centre of Jewish Art, 1985, Part One: Objects, pp. 283-285.
Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, IT.011.004.

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