Auction 92 Part 1 Rare and Important Items

Manuscript, Kabbalistic Kavanot for Shofar Blowing and Vidui – Italy, 1743

Opening: $1,000
Estimate: $1,500 - $1,800
Sold for: $1,250
Including buyer's premium

Manuscript, kabbalistic kavanot for shofar blowing and order of Vidui (confession). [Italy], 1743.
Cursive Italian script. Decorated title page with Stars of David, stating: "This book of kavanot of shofar blowing was scribed by Boaz, and completed in Elul 1743". The name Boaz also appears in a Star of David at the top of the page: "1743, Boaz Kohen[?]".
This order of kavanot was compiled by the Rema of Fano (see: Maamarei HaRema MiFano, II, Jerusalem 2003, pp. 240-265 [manuscript version of Maayan Ganim], with variations to text and order). The Rema is mentioned in two places in the manuscript (pp. 18b and 20a).
On p. 26b, ten songs for the 7th night of Passover.
Pp. 27b-28b: list of Psalms to be recited after Vidui, kabbalistic addition to the text of the Vidui, brief prayer to be recited after the Amidah, and more.
Pp. 30a-34a: Copying of the book Mefaresh Chata'im by R. Avraham Horowitz, father of the Shelah (printed several times in Italy in the 17th-18th centuries).
On the front endpaper, (late) stamp of David de Benedetti of Asti.

[1], 13, 15-28, 30-34 leaves (+ 35-42, [1] blank leaves). 12.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains (including dark ink stains in several places). Wear. Tears due to ink erosion in several places, slightly affecting text. Worming. Inscriptions. Original card wrappers, damaged.

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