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Machzor for Yom Kippur – Venice, 1792 – With a Printed Leaf, "Prayer for VaYaavor" by the Or HaChaim HaKadosh – Unicum

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Machzor for Yom Kippur, Sephardi rite, with prayers from the writings of the Arizal and from the book Chemdat Yamim. Venice, [1792].
Fine copy, with original leather binding.
A printed leaf entitled Tefillah LeVayaavor was attached to the front endpaper (with a metal pin). The leaf features a prayer composed by R. Chaim ibn Attar, the Or HaChaim, "to be recited on Yom Kippur while the cantor says VaYaavor". This is a prayer about the Shechina being in exile, expressing the Jewish people's passionate desire and yearning for G-d.
The prayer was first published in a small, rare booklet named Seder Tikkun Shovavim (f. 34) printed in Livorno in 1740, during the Or HaChaim's sojourn in Livorno on his way to Eretz Israel. According to the heading, the prayer was composed by R. Chaim ben Attar to be recited after the three Amida prayers of Rosh Hashanah before Elokai Netzor, and on Yom Kippur while the cantor is saying VaYaavor. The prayer spread quickly and was printed in machzorim and siddurim in Italy and Turkey. It was also copied in many manuscripts, and eventually even printed in the Chassidic Berditchev siddur named Tefilla Yeshara V'Keter Nehora. The prayer is quoted and mentioned several times in the books of R. Chaim Palachi.
This leaf was printed on its own, presumably in Livorno, close to the time of printing of this machzor. It is not recorded in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book, nor does it appear in the NLI catalog. To the best of our knowledge, this is the sole existing exemplar of this leaf.
[1], 146-206, 193-352, 2 leaves + [1] printed leaf. 18.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Worming to final leaves. Gilt edges. Original, gilt-decorated leather binding, with damage. Wear and minor tears to the enclosed leaf.

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