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Letter by Rabbi Eliyahu of Kretinga – 1849

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Handwritten and signed letter by Rabbi Eliyahu Levinson. Kretinga (Northern Lithuania), 1849.
The letter was sent to his friend Rabbi Shmuel Salant and to his son Rabbi Binyamin Beinish. A friendly letter, concerning money sent by Baron Ginzberg to Eretz Israel, and greetings for a marriage.
Rabbi Eliyahu (Elinke) of Kretinga (1822-1888), studied in his youth in the city of Salant and was a disciple of Rabbi Yosef Zundel of Salant. During that time, he became very close to two friends who studied together in Salant and later became famous: Rabbi Yisrael of Salant and Rabbi Shmuel of Salant. All his life, he was a close disciple of Rabbi Yisrael and his right hand in his public activities and one of the greatest supporters
of the Musar Movement founded by Rabbi Yisrael of Salant. He lived in the village of Kretinga in the Zamut region of Northern Lithuania. Although he was one of the leading Torah giants of his times, he did not acquiesce to serve in the rabbinate and dealt in trade and banking in Kurland (Latvia). Rabbi Elinke was one of the most prominent leaders of Russian Jewry and headed lobbyists in the government's higher echelons. Served as a gabai for more than 40 years.
19.5 cm. Approximately 18 handwritten lines. Thin bluish stationery. Good condition, spotting and folding marks.
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