Auction 92 Part 1 Rare and Important Items

Leaf Handwritten by the Chafetz Chaim, with the Text of the Title Page for His Book Likutei Halachot – Galley Proofs with an Unpublished Gloss in His Handwriting

Opening: $10,000
Estimate: $15,000 - $20,000
Sold for: $32,500
Including buyer's premium

Leaf handwritten by the Chafetz Chaim, with the text of the title page for his book Likutei Halachot on Tractates Zevachim and Menachot – approx. 9 lines handwritten and signed by R. "Yisrael Meir son of R. Aryeh Zev HaKohen". [Warsaw, ca. 1899].
The draft of the title page text varies significantly from the text which was eventually printed (the present text is more rudimentary; the printed text contains additions which do not appear in the draft).
Enclosed with the leaf: three printed leaves – galley proofs of leaves 1-3 containing the author's prefaces to the aforementioned book. On p. 3a, there is a lengthy gloss (2 lines) handwritten by the Chafetz Chaim, with an addition to be inserted in the middle of the first preface. This addition was not ultimately included in the printed version.
R. Yisrael Meir HaKohen of Radin (1837-1933), leader of the Jewish people, was widely known by the name of his first book, the Chafetz Chaim. He founded the Radin yeshiva and authored many halachic and ethical works: Mishna Berura, Shemirat HaLashon, Ahavat Chessed and dozens more. One of his greatest enterprises was Likutei Halachot, a complementary work to Hilchot Rav Alfas by the Rif, with a clear and concise commentary, compiled from books of the Rishonim. The Rif's book was written on Talmudic topics which are currently relevant and applicable. Likutei Halachot covers topics relating to the Temple and its services, which are not practiced at the present time. The objective of the Chafetz Chaim in publishing this book was to encourage the study of topics pertaining to the Temple services and offerings, thereby bolstering the yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple, speedily in our times.
The first part of Likutei Halachot on Tractates Zevachim and Menachot was printed in Warsaw in the autumn of 1899, and these leaves remain from the printing process.

[4] leaves. Approx. 23 cm. Fair condition. Stains and wear. Closed and open tears, affecting text. Worming.