Auction 88 - Part I - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art

Large Hand-Drawn Shiviti Plaque – Moses, Aaron and the Holy Places – Jerusalem, Late 19th or Early 20th Century

Opening: $300
Sold for: $375
Including buyer's premium

Large, elaborate plaque, depicting the temple seven-branch lamp, the Dome of the Rock, "Midrash Shlomo" and Moses and Aaron. Jerusalem, [late 19th or early 20th century].
Ink, watercolor and gold paint on paper.
Large ornate seven branched lamp at center, with the text of Psalm 67 within the branches. Topped by the verse opening with the word "shiviti", other verses and letter combinations. Surrounded by two arches; Star of David calligram composed of letter combinations; two hamsa hands inscribed with the priestly blessing; Moses and Aaron; the steps of the temple lamp and the laver. The lamp's foot is placed on the Western Wall shown underneath, flanked by the iconic cypress trees identified with the place in traditional Jewish folk art. At bottom right is "Midrash Shlomo" (Al-Aqsa) and at bottom left – "the temple, may it be built soon, amen" (the Dome of the Rock). Border composed of verses and a spell against the evil eye, listing dozens of types of evil eyes and based on a formula by Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulay, the Chida.
Approx. 55X37.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Mounted on linen. Open tears to edges. Tears, repaired by mounting. Dampstains. Creases.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.

Shiviti Plaques, Ketubot, Prints
Shiviti Plaques, Ketubot, Prints