Auction 49b Part II - Bibles and Prayer Books, Manuscripts, Graphics and Ceremonial Art

Large Esther Scroll – Colorful Illustrations

Opening: $1,000
Sold for: $2,125
Including buyer's premium
Large Esther Scroll on parchment, illustrated. Ashkenazi script – “Bet Yossef”. [Israel, 20th century]. Acrylic color and ink on parchment. Text is framed with colorful illustrations depicting narrative scenes throughout the scroll. The scroll opens with illustrations depicting Mitzvot Purim: Mishlo’ach Manot (Purim basket), gifts for the poor, feast, joy and dance. Throughout the scroll, on its lower part, appear ten illustrations: feast of Ahasuerus, Esther in women’s house, Mordechai refusing to bow down to Haman, Haman offering Ahasuerus money for the destruction of the Jews, Esther before the King, a gathering in Haman’s house, Mordechai studying with children in Beit Midrash, Esther pointing at Haman as an enemy, joy after the annulment of the decree, reading the scroll in synagogue. 11 columns, 42 lines per column. 55 cm. Cardboard case.
Esther Scrolls and Haftarot
Esther Scrolls and Haftarot