A Large Decorated Ilan Sephirot – Handwritten on Parchment – Europe, 18th Century

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Manuscript, HaIlan HaKadosh, Chain of the Worlds, the Faces and the Sephirot. [Central or Western Europe (Italy? Amsterdam?), c. 18th century].
Manuscript on a long parchment scroll. Rashi script and square writing. Artistically written and decorated. A complete Ilan, unique in terms of content and style.
Contains a detailed description of the "chain of worlds". The chain appears twice (actually this item has two Ilanot one after the other): on the top part is a detailed Ilan according to the kabbalah of Rabbi Yisrael Saruk with a handsome graphic description of the "Adam Kadmon" (above the "head" is a handsome illustration of a crown). Written at the end of this part: "Until here Mahari [Rabbi Yisrael Saruk]". On the second part of the scroll is another detailed Ilan according to the kabbalah of Rabbi Chaim Vital, also carefully and handsomely arranged.
Some of the content of this Ilan is unique and does not appear in the regular Ilanot such as the sketch of the circles at the end of the scroll describing the tzimtzum and the kav – in the inner circle is the "land" and next to it is the "ocean".
5 sewn parchment sheets, total length: 3.5 meters. Width: 42.5 cm. Good condition. Spotting, creases and wear. Faded ink in several places.
Rare and Important Items
Rare and Important Items