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Large Collection of the Torah Monthly Meged Yerachim / HaMaggid – Issues from Both Printings After Split of Editorship – Satmar, 1925-1939

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Large collection of issues of the Torah monthly Meged Yerachim, and issues of the monthly in its later form HaMaggid, printed in Satmar in 1925-1939.
• Meged Yerachim. Edited by R. Yitzchak Klein, head of the Satmar Beit Din / R. Yosef Chaim HaKohen Weiss of Satmar. Satmar, 1925-1930.
• HaMaggid. Compiled and edited by R. Yitzchak Klein, head of the Satmar Beit Din. Satmar, 1928-1939.

13 volumes. Size and condition vary. Duplicate issues. The issues were not examined thoroughly, and are being sold as is. New bindings.

Meged Yerachim / HaMaggid
The present collection includes two different printings of the Meged Yerachim monthly – identical issues with variations to title page: one printing states R. Yitzchak Klein as editor (previously editor of Ohel Yitzchak – see previous item), while the second printing mentions R. Yosef Chaim HaKohen Weiss as editor. The monthly was presumably initially jointly edited by both men, who later split up due to a fierce dispute over the position of chief editor. R. Yitzchak Klein eventually left in 1928, and printed the periodical under a new name – HaMaggid. Meged Yerachim continued appearing sporadically until 1930, while HaMaggid continued appearing until 1939.
The collection comprises most of the issues of the two printing of Meged Yerachim (1925-1927), issues of Meged Yerachim edited solely by R. Weiss (1928-1930), and many issues of HaMaggid, solely edited by R. Klein (1928-1939).

Books Printed in Sighetu Marmației and Satmar
Books Printed in Sighetu Marmației and Satmar