Auction 42 - Rare and Important Items

A Large Collection of Samaritan Leaves and Manuscripts

Opening: $5,000
Sold for: $11,250
Including buyer's premium
A large collection comprised of single leaves and parts of Samaritan compositions, all written by hand. The 18th century – 20th century.
A rich and varied collection, which includes Piyutim for special events, poems for different occasions, eulogies, parts of prayers, and more.
One of the most remarkable items, is an authorization-certificate written on behalf of the Samaritan dignitaries in Nablus (1868 – signed by hand and with ink stamps), authorizing that Ya'akov ben Aharon is the High Priest and spiritual leader of the Samaritan people [At the same time the priest Amram ben Shlomo was also serving as High Priest of the Samaritans, until his death in 1874, however due to internal criticism - following his marriage to a woman, who her husband was forcefully made to convert to Islam, in order to save her from converting also - the priest Amram was forced to hand over his position to his nephew, Ya'akov ben Aharon].
Other details in the collection:
• Supplication, hand-written on paper.writing: Ab-Sakuwah ben Abraham Haddanafi [ 18th century]. On the outer part of the page a decorated writing is inscribed, with Samaritan writing in especially large letters. At the front of the page some fine illustrations were added, depicting branches with leaves and fruit, painted with purple ink. Ab-Sakuwah ben Abraham Haddanafi – head of the "Danafies", lived in the end of the 17th century, and the beginning of the 18th . [4] pages.
• A single leaf (paper), with an illustration featuring the image of the temple and its vessels, according to the Samaritan tradition [beginning of 20th century].
• Two pages in Samaritan writing, Piyutim for Yom Kippur and in honor of the book "Molad Moshe", by the High Priest Shlomo ben Tabiah, and by Shlomo ben Ab-Sakuwah Haddanafi [18th /19th century].
• A poem for the festival of Shavuot, by Ab-Sakuwah ben Abraham Haddanafi (unknown copier) [the 18th century].
• A wedding poem by Tabiah ben Yitzhak – High Priest, in his own handwriting.
• A handwritten pamphlet, prayers for the Shabat before Shavuot. Writing: Marchiv ben Yehoshua Hamarchivi [end of the 18th century (?); 19th century]. Manuscript of [15] pages.
• A segment of text describing the Samaritan customs, written by the High Priest Ya’akov ben Aharon.
• A single page featuring the 12th chapter of the Book of Exodus, written in large letters (the paragraph recited by the High Priest at the beginning of the ceremonial sacrifice of Passover) hand-written by Ab-Chisda Ben Ya’akov Hacohen.
• A poem of warning and reproof by Ya’akov ben Aharon Hacohen.
A full list can be sent on request.
Additional documents.
A total of 43 documents, some including a few pages. Varying size and condition: Poor-fair to good. Some of the documents are described in Hebrew; some are incomplete.
Rare and Important Items