Kirchliche Verfassung der Heutigen Juden by Johann Christoph Georg Bodenschatz – Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1748-1749 – Engravings Depicting Jewish Customs

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Kirchliche Verfassung der heutigen Juden, sonderlich derer in Deutschland, by Johann Christoph Georg Bodenschatz. Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1748-1749. Four parts in one volume. German. First edition.
German theologian Johann Christoph Georg Bodenschatz's (1717-1797) work, describing Judaism and Jewish customs, particularly the customs of Ashkenazi Jews. The book includes detailed and objective descriptions of Jewish customs during the author's time and provides a highly important source of information for the history of Jews in the 18th century.
The book includes twenty-nine (out of thirty) engraved plates. The engravings by Gottfried Eichler, Georg Paul Nusbiegel and Johann Conrad Müller depict various Jewish customs: Blessing of the Moon, prayers in the synagogue, Tisha Be'Av, lighting Hanukkah candles, the priestly blessing, wedding and burial ceremonies, and more.
[16], 206, 328, 331-386 [i.e. 384], [18], 256, 270, [34] pp + [29] plates. Missing the first engraved plate (originally bound before the first title page) and the last leaf (with binding instructions). 23 cm. Good overall condition. Stains throughout the book. Several tears and minor blemishes. Worming. Handwritten notations to some leaves. Several loose leaves; several leaves detached. One engraved plate slightly trimmed at margin. Margins of one leaf trimmed close to text. Leather-covered binding, worn (with tears to edges and spine).
Biblical Studies, Jewish History and Customs
Biblical Studies, Jewish History and Customs