Bible Dictionary by Augustin Calmet – Leiden and Amsterdam, 1725-1731 – Engravings, Including Maps of Palestine

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Het algemeen groot historisch, oordeelkundig, chronologisch, geografisch, en letterlyk naam- en woord-boek, by Augustin Calmet. Leiden: Samuel Luchtmans / Amsterdam: De Wetsteins en Smith, 1725, 1727, 1731. Four parts in three volumes. Dutch and some Hebrew.
Dutch edition of Augustin Calmet's dictionary of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Accompanied by dozens of engraved plates and seven maps (including maps of Palestine, a map of the Middle east showing the location of the Garden of Eden, a map of the old world, and more).
A number of the engravings depict Jewish ceremonies and customs, various costumes, biblical figures and scenes and views of Palestine. Including an engraving depicting the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, an engraving depicting the bringing of the first fruit to the Temple, engravings depicting Noah's Ark, engravings depicting execution methods and many more engravings on a variety of themes.
Part I: [14] leaves, 92, 143, 321, 40, 19 pp + [48] plates; Part II: [2] leaves, 604 pp, [3] leaves, 230 pp + [64] plates; Parts III & IV: [10] leaves, 392 pp, [1], 393-924 pp, [12] leaves + [51] plates. Approx. 40 cm. Possibly missing one or two plates. Good condition. Stains. Several tears and minor blemishes. Inked stamps to title pages. One plate detached. Elegant vellum-covered bindings, gilt-embossed, damaged and worn. Mold to one binding.
Biblical Studies, Jewish History and Customs
Biblical Studies, Jewish History and Customs