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Joseph Trumpeldor – A Handwritten Letter – London, 1917

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A letter in the handwriting of Joseph Trumpeldor. London, April 23rd, 1917, Russian.
The letter was written during Trumpeldor's stay in London, where he came to assist Ze'ev Jabotinsky in his efforts for establishing a Jewish fighting legion. The addressee is, as it seems, a friend of Trumpeldor, who fought with him in the Gallipoli campaign. Trumpeldor mentions in his letters the fighting in Gallipoli (where he participated as part of the "Mule Corps"), issues regarding the enlisting to the army and the Jewish Legion.
"I think you are taking all this too personally. Remember our dark days in Gallipoli. And still they are now gone; and in any case, Gallipoli – good memories which we can be proud of. Soon, as it turns out, they will take all the 'Russians' here by orders from Petrograd. Then the E-company will also calm down, especially after punishing one or two. Now the thought that 31 thousand of them are wandering around while they should be serving, is still tormenting them. It would be a shame if you would go alone and not come back with the legion… The legion-affair is clearing up now and I hope that soon it will all be clear enough. Yesterday I read an article in the Jewish Chronicle, "Why not have a Jewish Legion?"… People are talking again of the legion, but with a different kind of tone, a positive tone…"
Joseph Trumpeldor (1880-1920) – one of the founders of the Jewish Legion, the "Halutz", and the commander of the defense of Tel-Chai-court in 1920. Trumpeldor was born in Russia, was the first Jewish officer to serve in the Russian army, serving also in the Russo-Japanese war, where he was hurt in battle – his left arm amputated, and he was captured by the Japanese. He came to Israel in 1912 and worked as a day-worker. During WWI he founded together with Ze'ev Jabotinsky the Jewish Legion and fought at the Gallipoli Campaign as deputy commander of the Zion Mule Corps. After the war Trumpeldor headed back to Russia, where he was among the founders of the "Halutz". In 1919 he came again to Israel and was called to help with the protection of the settlements in the area of the Galilee Panhandle. He was killed in the battle of Tel Chai, on the 11th of Adar, 1920;
page of 25 cm. Good condition, Folding marks, wrinkles and spotting.
Provenance: The estate of Simcha Holtzberg, "Father of the Wounded Soldiers".
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