Ivory Dreidel Carved by Moshe Murro – "Bezalel"

Opening: $1,500
Sold for: $4,000
Including buyer's premium
Dreidel, created by Moshe Murro. "Bezalel", Jerusalem, [1929].
Carved ivory. Signed: "Bezalel Jerusalem" [Hebrew and English].
One of the four letters appears on each of the dreidel's panels – N.G.H.S. [Hebrew: Ness Gadol Haya Sham] Next to the letters – decorations and images related to Hanukkah: an oil pitcher, Menorah, "Judaea Capta" and "Liberated Judea".
The image of "Judaea Capta" was based on the commemorative coins minted by the Romans following the capture of Judea after the Jewish Revolt – a kneeling woman symbolizing the defeated people and a Roman soldier; between them a palm tree. The image of "Liberated Judea" reverses the same image – the soldier is seen protecting himself from the woman. On the upper part of the dreidel an embossed inscription "Ness Gadol Haya Sham" (which indicates that the dreidel was made for export). Leaves and flowers decorate the lower part.
Height: 6.5 cm. Width: 3 cm. Contained in a fine box made of olive wood.
The well-known "Bezalel" dreidels, cast in brass, were cast based on this design. See: "Bezalel by Schatz, exhibition catalogue, Jerusalem, 1983, item no. 995.
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