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Hutter's Hebrew Bible – Hamburg, 1587 – Hollow Type – Early Binding

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Derech HaKodesh – Hoc est Via Sancta... sive Biblia Sacra eleganti et maiuscula characterum forma; Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim, arranged by Elias Hutter. Hamburg: Iohannem Saxonem [Johann Saxo], 1587. One of the first Hebrew books printed in Hamburg.
This Hebrew Bible, known as Hutter's Hebrew Bible, was prepared by the Hebraist Elias Hutter, professor of Hebrew at the Leipzig University. Hutter aspired to produce a Bible which would be easy to read, and would facilitate the study of Hebrew. He therefore printed it using two different types – the root letters were printed in regular, thick type, whilst the inflectional letters were printed in hollow type. The root letters which do not appear in the word were completed above it in small type.
The editor's foreword in Latin is featured at the beginning of the book, including two tables of Hebrew grammar, with explanations in Latin; and the first thirteen verses of Bereshit, translated to German, Greek and Latin (in some copies, this page comprises different text – a verse from Psalm 117 in 30 languages).

[6] leaves, 1135, [1], 1141-1572 pages. Mispagination. 36 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, including dampstains. Minor worming. Marginal open tears to title page and other leaves, repaired with paper. Handwritten inscriptions in body of text. New leather binding, with defects.

Enclosed (separate booklet):
Cubus Alphabeticus Sanctae Ebraeae Linguae – Latin work on Hebrew grammar, with many tables, by Elias Hutter and David Wolder. Hamburg, 1588. This work was printed and bound with the Bible in some copies, occasionally with another Latin work on grammar.

Bible and Tehillim
Bible and Tehillim