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Hilchot Rav Alfas – Amsterdam, 1720 – Complete Set in Three Volumes – Ownership Inscriptions Handwritten by Rabbi Yedidia Tia Weill

Opening: $1,000

Hilchot Rav Alfas with Rashi, Part I – Order Mo'ed (including Tractate Berachot and Halachot Ketanot), Part II – Order Nashim (with Tractate Chullin), and Part III – Order Nezikin. Amsterdam: Joseph Dayan son of Shimon Akiva Be'er, [1720]. Complete Set. All three parts in three volumes, comprising all Hilchot HaRif on the Talmudic tractates.
Ownership inscriptions handwritten by R. Yedidia Tia Weil on title pages of vols. I and II.
R. Yedidia Tia Weil (1722-1806), leading Torah scholar of his times, son of R. Netanel Weil author of Korban Netanel and close disciple of R. Yehonatan Eybeschutz. Rabbi of Karlsruhe; author of Marbeh LeSaper and other works.
Three volumes. Vol. I: [3], 2-87; 108-303 leaves. Vol. II: [2], 41, 41-42, 42-251, [1], 252-317; 20; 6; 40 leaves. 6 leaves of Shaarei HaShevuot originally appeared at end of vol. III; 40 leaves of Simanei HaDinim originally appeared at beginning of vol. I. Vol. III: 376 leaves. 42-43 cm. Wide margins. Overall good condition. Stains, including minor dampstains. Worming. Tears, including minor open tears in several places (including title pages), not affecting text. Marginal paper repairs to title page of vol. II. Title page of vol. III partially detached. Stamps. Original, early wood and leather bindings, with clasp remnants. Wear, worming and damage to bindings (vol. II with non-original spine).

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Books with Signatures, Stamps and Ownership Inscriptions
Books with Signatures, Stamps and Ownership Inscriptions