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Har HaCarmel – Prague, 1812 - Variant

Opening: $200
Har HaCarmel, explanations with the commentary of "Siftei Kohen" on the laws of Niddah and Mikvahs, and on the explanations of the Vilna Gaon to the Yoreh Deah part of the Shulchan Aruch, by Rabbi Shimon Krumina Oppenheim. Prague, 1812. Single edition.
"And also… a sufficient commentary on the commentary of the Gaon… Eliyahu Vilna, on Yoreh Deah… And here, too, he is brief in his writing… to the extent that we do not know… to interpret his thoughts correctly…".
At the beginning of the volume there are lists of "Pernumeranten" [those who payed for the book in advance] from the cities of Moravia and Hungary.
The author, Rabbi Shimon Oppenheim [Otzar HaRabbanim 19803], son of Rabbi David Krumina and son in law of Rabbi Aryeh Leib Oppenheim. Rabbinical leader and judge in Bekitze and Head of Rabbinical Court in Fest, author of "Har HaMoria", "Nezer HaKodesh".
[9], 3-31 leaves, 21.5cm. thin paper. Good condition. Minor staining. Large ink stain on bottom of inner margins, a torn piece missing from title page. New cover.
Variant including additional pages. In the Bibliography Institute CD record no. 0108200, appears as 37 pages, in the Winogard and Rosenfeld CD appears as 36 pages, but this one is 38 pages.
The Vilna Gaon and his disciples