Auction 42 - Rare and Important Items

Early Manuscript, the Book of Zohar – Northern Italy, Mid-16th Century – With Variations from the Printed Version

Opening: $5,000
Manuscript, leaves from the book of Zohar on Parshat Bereshit. [North Italy, mid-16th century].
A quire consisting of four sheets [eight leaves]. Begins on leaf 33, concludes with leaf 40. Sephardic semi-eloquent script. Approximately 25 lines per page. With differences from the printed version. Ancient glosses by another writer.
The glosses on the margins and between the lines are additions and corrections, in Sephardi script from that time.
The watermarks are similar to watermarks on paper from Northern Italy from the mid-16th century.
8 leaves (16 written pages), numbered: 33-40. 21.5 cm. Good condition, spotting and wear. In a leather binding, with gold embossment.
Written according to an article by Prof. Shlomo Zucker, an expert on Hebrew manuscripts.
Rare and Important Items