Collection of Postcards – the Dreyfus Affair

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About 90 postcards related to the Dreyfus Affair. Various publications (mostly of France and Germany), late 19th century/early 20th century. Most of the postcards are undivided.
The collection includes postcards supporting Dreyfus and postcards opposing him, caricatures, illustrations and photos. Among the postcards: portraits of Dreyfus, Emil Zola, Esterhazy and other figures related to the affair; real-photo postcards; caricatures of anti-Semitic nature; a postcard colored by hand and printed on good quality paper (numbered: no.66 out of 100 copies); and more.
Numerous postcards were printed during the Dreyfus affair, with photos and illustrations depicting the development of events; some of the postcards supported Dreyfus while others were against him. The postcards were very popular and became means of propaganda and a central part of the discourse concerning the affair.
Total of about 90 postcards. Some postcards appear in several copies. About 30 postcards have been in use. Condition varies.
Rare and Important Items