Auction 42 - Rare and Important Items

A Collection of Items Regarding the Announcement of the Establishment of the State of Israel / The Establishing Assembly and the first Knesset

Opening: $3,000
Sold for: $8,125
Including buyer's premium
A collection of paper-items regarding the announcement of the establishment of the state of Israel, the establishing assembly and the first Knesset, 1947-1949. 1. The provisional government of Israel; a printed invitation for the ceremony of announcing the state of Israel's independence. Iyar 4th, 1948 (13.5.48), sent to M. Danziger-Caron, a member of the journalist association. Including the original envelope. This is the original invitation sent only to the members of the People's Assembly, to journalists and friends. It is stated at the bottom of the invitation: "This invitation is personal - dress: dark festive garments." A page of 21.5 cm. Good condition. Filing piercing on the envelope. 2. The People's Assembly, a guest-card for the ceremony of declaring the independence of the state of Israel. Tel Aviv, Iyar 5th 1948 (14.5.1948). Given to M. Danziger-Caron (his name was added by hand). To its back a small note is attached stating his seat. Bristol-board; was used as an envelope for the invitation (see item no. 1), 21X14 cm, folded in two. Good condition. 3. An issue of the daily paper "Haaretz", from Sunday, 30th November 1947. The headline reads: "it was decided to establish the state of Israel". [4] pages, 57 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, spotting, slight tears around the edges. 4. Issue no. 1 of the paper "Iton Rishmi ". Tel Aviv, Iyar 5th 1948 (14.5.48). Including the text of the "Declaration of Independence" as well as a pamphlet on behalf of the Temporary State Assembly. At the top of the page the headline reads: "Israel, The Provisional Government". 4 pages. 33 cm. Good condition. Slight spotting, folding marks and creases. 5. "The Proclamation of the People's Assembly" – a printed text of the Declaration of Independence. Iyar 5th 1948 (14.5.48). [4] pages, 26 cm. Filing holes, rust-spotting. Slight tears. 6. "The first Knesset, the Herut movement, suggestion for a fundamental constitution for the State of Israel". A printed leaflet – suggestion for a constitution for the State of Israel, by Menachem Begin of the Herut movement. 38 pages. 32.5 pages. Slight spotting, tears and creases. Filing holes. 7. An entrance ticket to the opening seat of the Establishing Assembly. Shvat the 15th 1949 (February 14th, 49). Given to M. Danziger-Caron. 11.5X8.5 cm. Good condition. Filing holes. At the back of the ticket appears the stamp of "The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bureau of Intelligence and the Press".
Rare and Important Items