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Avodat HaKodesh – Copy of the Darkei Teshuva and the Minchat Elazar of Mukacheve – With the Signature of Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Weiss Ra’avad of Mukacheve and Other Signatures

Opening: $3,500
Avodat HaKodesh, called Marot Elokim – G-d's service according to Kabbalistic wisdom, Part 1 [Yichud] and Part 2 [Avodah], by Rabbi Meir Ibn Gabai. Lvov, 1848.
Copy of the rebbe, author of Darkei Teshuva and his son the rebbe author of Minchat Elazar of Mukacheve: on the title page and book leaves are many stamps of the father and son [Zvi Hirsh Shapira and Chaim Elazar Av Beit Din of Mukacheve].
Ownership inscriptions and other signatures: the signature of Rebbe Shmuel Zvi Weiss Ra'avad of Mukacheve, his father the Rebbe, author of Imrei Yosef of Spinka; signature of Rebbe Shmuel Zvi's son-in-law Rabbi Ze'ev Asher Antschil Bash of Spinka and of his son Rabbi Chaim Elazar Bash (apparently, the book passed on to his teacher, the Mukacheve rebbe, author of Darkei Teshuva), more signatures.
Rebbe Zvi Hirsh Shapira, author of Darkei Teshuva (1855-1914, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut Vol. 3, 618-620), son of Rabbi Shlomo Shapira Av Beit Din of Mukacheve, author of Shem Shlomo, son of Rabbi Elazar of Łańcut, son of Rabbi Zvi Elimelech of Dynów, author of Bnei Yissaschar. A leading Torah scholar and Chassid, succeeded his father as rabbi of Mukacheve. He fortified the Mukacheve Chassidism and had thousands of followers. Founder of Kollel Munkatch and Nesi Eretz Israel. Wrote: Darkei Teshuva, Be'er Lachai Ro'I, Zvi Tiferet, etc.
His son, Rebbe Chaim Elazar Shapira, outstanding in his knowledge of Torah, Halacha and Chassidut and one of the leading Kabbalists (1872-1937, Otzar HaRabbanim 6243), fought to safeguard the holiness of the Jewish
people. His teachings in Halacha and kabbalah were accepted all over the world. Among his books: Minchat Elazar responsa, Sha’ar Yissachar, Nimukei Orach Chaim, 9 volumes of his book Divrei Torah, and others. [See Darkei Chaim V’Shalom].
Rebbe Shmuel Zvi Weiss Ra’avad of Mukacheve (died in 1879), was born in Mukacheve and was a disciple of the Bnei Yissaschar of Dynow, the Maharitz of Rozdil, “Sar Shalom” of Belz, Rabbi Meir of Peremyshlyany and the Mahari of Zhydachiv. The Bnei Yissaschar happened to be in Mukachave and arranged the Chupah (mesader kiddushin) of Rebbe Shmuel Zvi Weiss; and said “Even if I would have come here only for this, it would have been sufficient”. His teacher Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Zhydachiv held him in great esteem. He also urged his Chassidim to submit kvitlach to Rabbi Shmuel Zvi and gave his word that “He will be a wonder worker”. His son was Rebbe Yosef Meir of Spinka, author of Imrei Yosef, the first rebbe of the Spinka dynasty.
Part 1: 49 [should be: 45] leaves. Part 2: 20, 25-65 [should be: 69] leaves. 20 cm. Good condition, spotting and minor wear. Worm damages. Separate title page for Part 2. The Bibliography Institute CD lists that Part 1 was printed without a title page but this copy has a title page for Part 1.
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