Ashkenazi Machzor – Augsburg, 1536 / Manuscript, Selichot – 1615 / Manuscript, Siddur – 1640 – Ahrweiler, Germany

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• Ashkenazi machzor. [Augsburg, 1536. Printed by Chaim ben David Shachor]. Bound at the end of the machzor: • Manuscript, Selichot. Ahrweiler, Germany, 1615. Bound at the beginning: • Manuscript, siddur for the entire year. Ahrweiler, 1640.
The machzor includes Yotzrot, Krovot, Selichot, Kinot and Piyutim for festivals – without the regular prayers. Lacking at the beginning and at the end. On the machzor leaves are glosses in ancient Ashkenazi writing. Some are commentaries and some completions and laws (partially cutoff due to margin cutting). In one place, several piyutim omitted from the machzor by the censor are completed by hand. At the end of the machzor are lists of family births, recording several generations (1617-1625, 1673-1684, 1709-1719). Ownership inscriptions and signature of “Moshe ben R’ Or Shraga called Meizish Ish Zeilsheim” and of his father from 1572-1588. + one leaf printed on one side bound at the end of the machzor: “Musaf prayer for the three festivals” [which is actually the Amidah for shacharit of Pesach]. This leaf was printed separately and is not part of the machzor but evidently was also printed in Augsburg and is bibliographically unknown.
A manuscript of a siddur is bound at the beginning of the machzor, apparently to complete the machzor which does not contain the regular prayers. Handsome ancient Ashkenazi writing, with titles and passages in red ink. Includes the daily morning prayers (Shacharit including Korbanot, Psukei D’zimra, birkot Kriyat Shema, Shmona Esre, Tachanun, Mizmorim, Aleinu L’Shabeach, Ani Ma'amin, Hatavat Chalom, etc.), Shabbat prayers (Ma'ariv, Shacharit and Musaf, Kriyat HaTorah, Kiddush HaChodesh, Motzei Shabbat, V'Yiten Lecha, Kiddush Levana) and prayers for the festivals (Musaf for Rosh Chodesh, Amidah for the festivals, Hallel), etc. At the end is the scribe's colophon: "Completed with praise to the Creator…On Friday, the 28th of Nissan 1640 according to the count here in the city of Ahrweiler…The writer Shimshon bar Yochanan Segal" (signed also at the end of the Selichot leaves: "I inherited this Selichot from my father, Shimshon bar Yochanan HaLevi". At the end of the manuscript are two more manuscript leaves by another writer with the Yotzrot piyutim.
Bound at the end of the machzor are manuscript leaves in ancient Ashkenazi writing, containing Selichot piyutim and indexes. Some have vowels. At the end is the scribe's colophon: "I the scribe, Eshkol Hakofer… Yitzchak bar Shlomo Shlites, called Itzik Pastom of the Ken family, concluded on Friday Rosh Chodesh Av 1616 here in the city of Ahrweiler".
Machzor: 240 (originally 259) + leaf of Musaf prayer for the festivals. Bound at the beginning: [18] manuscript leaves – siddur. Bound at the end: [18] manuscript leaves – Selichot.
28 cm. Good condition. Spotting. Faded ink on some of the manuscript leaves. Restored tears. Cutoff margins. Ancient binding with leather spine.
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