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Archive of Handwritten Letters and Leaves – The Mekubal Rabbi Yehuda Ze'ev Leibowitz

Opening: $3,000
Archive of letters and leaves handwritten by the mekubal Rabbi Yehuda Ze'ev Leibowitz. [Tel Aviv, 1962-1969].
Approximately 70 letters and handwritten leaves. Most of the letters were sent to his friend the mekubal Rabbi Yoseph Weinstock who was also a disciple of the author of HaSulam and spread his teachings. Several letters were sent to his friend the mekubal Rabbi Moshe Ya'ir Weinstock.
The letters contain important kabbalistic ideas, explanations of the Zohar and of the kabbalah, Chassidic compositions and Torah teachings and stories of Chassidic leaders. In one letter he writes: "In honor of the yartzeit of the Rebbe, I will reveal some things passed down…These things cannot be printed because the general population will anyhow not comprehend them… but it is forbidden to print such lofty matters". In another letter, he writes about the Russian missiles brought to Egypt during the Six Day War: "The Jewish people anticipate Heavenly compassion…We do not know what the Russian Bear is seeking here, but G-d in His great compassion and goodness will confuse them because they are atheists and blasphemers and I fear them greatly. I do not fear their missiles as much as I fear their harmful atheistic opinions which they are liable to spread all over the world, G-d forbid…". In some of the letters, Rabbi Leibowitz confers with Rabbi Yosef Weinstock over the printing of the book Talmud Eser Sefirot written by their teacher the author of the Sulam.
The mekubal Rabbi Yehuda Ze'ev Leibowitz (1922-2010), disciple of the author of the Sulam and one of the hidden tsaddikim of his generation, was born in the village of Satmar and studied Torah from Rebbe Yoel of Satmar and from Rabbi Yehuda Rosner Av Beit Din of Sekelheid, author of Imrei Yehuda. During the Holocaust, he lost his family in Auschwitz, suffered abuse which later prevented him from marriage and was miraculously saved from hanging. After the liberation, he ascended to Eretz Israel and settled in Tel Aviv living alone. In Eretz Israel he joined a group of mekubalim, disciples of Rebbe Yehuda Leib Ashlag author of the Sulam: Rabib Yehuda Zvi Brandvein, Rabbi Moshe Yair Weinstock and Rabbi Yoseph Weinstock. Contrary to the other disciples, Rabbi Leibowitz remained anonymous for many years but had close contact with the leading Torah scholars, rabbis and rebbes of his times, such as Rabbi Aharon Rokeach of Belz, Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam of Sanz-Kloizenburg, etc. These great individuals held him in high esteem and some of them considered him as one of the lamed vav hidden tsaddikim. In his old age, he moved to Bnei Brak and among those who used to visit him and study under him were Rabbi Wosner and Rabbi Mordechai Gross. Extraordinary stories are told of him, of his ruach hakodesh and of his ability to “read” sins and their reparation in people’s faces and of people who were cured with his assistance and who saw great salvation. People say that he merited the appearance of the Prophet Eliyahu and that the souls of tsaddikim came to visit him. [In one of these letters, he writes: “I have seen my teacher when awake”]. He was an outstanding Torah genius, in revealed and hidden Torah and his letters were printed in the books: Kol Yehuda Ba’al HaKetavim, V’Zot L’Yehuda, Yizal Mayim MeDalyo, Or Levi Ziv Yehuda, etc. See attached material.
Approx. 70 letters and paper items in a binder. General good condition, folding marks, spotting and filing holes.
Enclosed is a medallion with the blessing of Chayei Mezonei by Rabbi Yehuda Ze’ev Leibowitz, a gift from the institutes of Rabbi David Chaim Stern in the Holy Land.
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