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Two Letters of Inspiration and Guidance from Rebbe Aharele Roth, the Shomer Emunim – Satmar, 1930s – "Prepare Garments of Eretz Israel, Dschubbe (Long Coat) and White Socks"

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Two letters (on two sides of one leaf) handwritten and signed by Rebbe Aharon Roth (R. Aharele), the Shomer Emunim. "Sakmer" (Satmar), Thursday Parashat Vayechi [1930-1931].
The letters were sent to Eretz Israel, to R. Avraham Groman (1901 – ca. 1992) and his brother R. Yitzchak Groman (son-in-law of R. Meir Eichler), who were amongst the first and most prominent followers of Rebbe Aharele in Jerusalem. On one side of the leaf, letter of inspiration for R. Avraham, containing words of faith. The rebbe also instructs him to adopt the dress code of Eretz Israel - long upper coat, white socks, etc. On the verso, letter to R. Yitzchak, with weddings wishes, blessings for success, and regards to his father-in-law R. Meir Eichler and brother-in-law R. Tzvi Eichler.
The letters were printed with omissions in Mevakshei Emunim (Jerusalem, 1996, III, pp. 25-26).

Rebbe Aharon (R. Aharele) Roth – (1894-1947) established groups of men dedicated to the worship of G-d in Budapest and in Satmar, under the name "Yir'ei Hashem". In 1925, he immigrated to Jerusalem where he founded a similar group of Chassidim. He returned to his followers in Satmar and later Beregsaz, from 1930-1939, while continuing to guide his Chassidim in Eretz Israel through his letters. He eventually immigrated to Jerusalem where he reorganized his holy group, perpetuated until this day through the Chassidic communities of Toldot Aharon, Shomrei Emunim, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak, Mevakshei Emunah and others.
Rebbe Aharele would instruct his disciples to follow the dress code of Jerusalem Jews, even insisting on streimelach from bar mitzvah age, unlike other Chassidic groups.

[1] leaf (2 written pages). 16.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains and wear. Small holes to folds.

Rebbe Aharon Roth, the Shomer Emunim of Satmar and Jerusalem
Rebbe Aharon Roth, the Shomer Emunim of Satmar and Jerusalem