Auction 88 - Part I - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art

Two Letters – From Rebbe Ze'ev Wolf of Strikov and Rebbe Dov Berish of Biala – To Their Father, Rabbi Avraham of Tshechnov

Opening: $10,000
Sold for: $23,750
Including buyer's premium

Two letters addressed to R. Avraham, rabbi of Tshechnov (Ciechanów), from his sons:
• Letter handwritten and signed by Rebbe Ze'ev Wolf. Strikov (Stryków), 21st Adar 1860.
In this letter, R. Ze'ev Wolf informs his father of his projected journey to his son's wedding, via Tshechnov. He relates that his wife will not travel with them due to her poor health.
• Letter handwritten and signed by Rebbe Dov Berish. Biala (Biała Podlaska), Tishrei 1865.
In this letter, R. Dov Berish informs his father of the purchase of a house in Biala, and of the match arranged for his son R. Aharon Tzvi.
Rebbe Ze'ev Wolf Landau of Strikov (1807-1891), close disciple of Rebbe Mendele of Kotsk and the Chiddushei HaRim. In 1866, following the passing of the Chiddushei HaRim, most of the Chassidim recognized Rebbe Chanoch Heinich of Alexander as their rebbe, but a small part began frequenting the court of R. Ze'ev Wolf's father, the rabbi of Tshechnov. In 1878, following his father's passing, R. Ze'ev Wolf was appointed rebbe, with thousands of Chassidim accepting his authority and leadership, which followed the Kotsk style.
Rebbe Dov Berish Landau of Biala (1820-1876), a disciple of his illustrious father, and a Chassid who cleaved to Rebbe Yitzchak of Warka and his son Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Warka. The latter would speak sparingly, and it was his leading disciple, R. Dov Berish, who would explain the depth of his teacher's intent in his concise words. In 1868, the rebbe of Warka passed away, and most of his Chassidim went over to follow R. Dov Berish, appointing him as their rebbe.
2 letters (each on a folded leaf). Approx. 21 cm. With address inscribed on back leaf of each letter. Folding marks.
Provenance: Prominent private collection, New York. Acquired at Kedem, auction 48, item 48.

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Letters – Chassidut
Letters – Chassidut