Two Decorated Manuscript Volumes – Practical Kabbalah – Large Double-Page Amulets

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Two manuscript volumes, two parts of a work on practical kabbalah – comprising amulets, hashbaot and segulot. [Europe, ca. turn of the 19th century].
Neat cursive Ashkenazic script (in large characters) with diagrams, tables, angelic script and kabbalistic illustrations.
The two volumes contain a comprehensive compilation of segulot, instructions for preparing amulets, with texts of amulets, Holy Names, names of angels, and more. Both volumes feature double-spread illustrations of amulets, including amulets with figures comprised of Names and passages of text, circles and various geometric shapes, Stars of David, and more.
Each volume opens with a decorated title page. The title page of the first volume states: "Part II of the book of practical kabbalah, transmitted individually from the Talmudic sages, who received it from the prophets, who received it from Moshe, who learned directly from G-d…". The title page of the second volume states: "Part III of the book on practical kabbalah…". The title pages indicate that the manuscript originally comprised three parts, the first of which is missing.
The writer repeatedly warns of the caution that must be taken when writing amulets and doing hashbaot, and the importance of dealing with them in holiness and purity. He mentions R. Nata of Kraków ("Part II", p. 15), and the expert physician R. Yosef Rofe, brother of R. Chasda of Barcelona ("Part III", p. 54)
The manuscript includes various amulets for protection: from plague, illness, fear, trouble, destructive forces and evil eye; for a barren woman; protections for pregnancy and easy birth; protections for the newborn and mother; amulets against sorcery; for a fire; to draw wine from the wall; amulets against thieves; to revive a dying person; for love, for opening the heart; to receive a revelation of a Heavenly maggid; and more.

Vol. I ("Part II"): [1], 95 pages. Vol. II ("Part III"): [1], 134 pages (both volumes include blank pages). 23 cm. Good condition. Stains. Minor wear. Several detached leaves. Labels of paper manufacturer Dupré, Au Griffon from Paris on endpapers of both volumes. Old bindings, with blemishes.

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1. "Etz Chaim Ashkenazi Beit Midrash in Amsterdam" (stamps of the Beit Midrash in both volumes).
2. The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, EE.011.041; EE.011.042.

Manuscripts – Practical Kabbalah – Europe