Auction 49b Part II - Bibles and Prayer Books, Manuscripts, Graphics and Ceremonial Art

Torah Scroll – 19th Century – With Changes in the Writing of the Parshiot

Opening: $1,500
Sold for: $2,250
Including buyer's premium
Torah Scroll. Ashkenazi script (Vellish). [19th century]. Small-medium format. Rolled on Atzei Chaim and clad in a velvet mantle [both from a later time]. width of columns varies, some columns are especially wide (16 cm.) and some narrow (5.5 cm.). Varying size of letters. Written by several scribes. One membrane is replaced in a later writing. This Torah Scroll is scarce due to a number of differences from the usual writing: The writing of the section of Arayot (Parshat Kedoshim) appears in two columns (like Shirat Ha’azinu). The Arurim (curses) in Parshat Ki tavo are written in varying spacing, so that each one will end a line; spacing between Parshat Bereshit and Parshat Noach and other differences. The height of the parchment: 22.5 cm. Maximum height with the Atzei Chaim: 45 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear. Faded ink.
Torah Scrolls
Torah Scrolls