Auction 88 - Part I - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art

Silver Filigree Hanukkah Lamp – Israel, Second Half of 20th Century

Opening: $2,000

Elegant Hanukkah lamp, depicting the Tablets of the Law and a seven-branched lamp. Israel, [second half of the 20th century].
Silver (marked "Bezalel Jeruslaem 935"), filigree.
Scalloped backplate, depicting a seven-branched lamp and the Tablets of the Law on top of Mount Sinai, reading "These lights are sacred" (from one of the liturgical poems read while lighting the Hannukah lamp). Removable servant light set to right. Removable font row. The front reads the rest of the verse quoted on the backplate: "And we are not permitted to make ordinary use of them".
Height: 23 cm. Width: 23 cm. Good condition.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.

Jewish Ceremonial Art
Jewish Ceremonial Art