Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Siddur Olat Tamid (by Rabbi Natan Nata of Shinova) – Premishla, 1896 – Segulah Book – "I am Assured That Whoever Prays from the Siddur… His Prayer Will Not Go Unanswered"

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Year-round siddur following the Ashkenazi rite, with the Olat Tamid commentary by R. Natan Nata of Shinova, author of Kishutei Kallah, and with the Arugat HaBosem commentary on Shir HaShirim by R. Moshe Ostrer. Premishla (Przemyśl): Zupnik, Knoller & Wolf, 1896.
In his approbation, R. Avraham Rabbi of Kriftch (Krzywcza) writes: "I am assured that whoever prayers from the siddur with its holy commentaries, his prayer will not go unanswered".
Bound with: Book of Tehillim, arranged according to days of the weeks and of the month. Warsaw, 1879.

[4], 41, 43-90; 64; 66; 78 leaves. Tehillim: 53, [1] leaves. Lacking several leaves in middle of Tehillim. 22.5 cm. Dry, somewhat brittle paper. Good-fair condition. Stains. Tears, including some open tears affecting text, repaired in part with paper. Stamps and handwritten inscriptions. Old binding, with leather spine and new endpapers.

Siddurim and Teffilot