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Shem HaGedolim HaChadash – Warsaw, 1864 – Copy of Rebbe Moshe David Teitelbaum rabbi of Magyarlápos, with His Signature and Stamps

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Shem HaGedolim HaChadash, Torah scholars and their works since the time of the Chida: Part I – Maarechet Gedolim, and Part II – Maarechet Sefarim, by R. Aharon Walden. Warsaw: Efraim Baumritter, 1864. First edition. Divisional title page.
Copy of Rebbe Moshe David Teitelbaum rabbi of Magyarlápos, with his signature on the title page and stamps on the title page and at the foot of leaf [2].
Rebbe Moshe David Teitelbaum of Magyarlápos (1855-1935), eldest son of Rebbe Yisrael Yaakov Yukel Teitelbaum of Volova, and grandson and close disciple of the Yitav Lev of Sighet. Together with his grandfather, he published Tefillah LeMoshe on Tehillim by their ancestor the Yismach Moshe (see items 9-12), and other works of the Yismach Moshe and the Yitav Lev. Served as rabbi of Magyarlápos (Târgu Lăpuş, present day: Romania) for over fifty years.

[6], 73; [1], 2-42 leaves. 21.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, including dark stains. Creases and minor wear. Signatures. Inscriptions. New binding.

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