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Set of Heichal HaBerachah Chumashim, Komarno – Lviv, 1864-1874 – First Edition – Segulah Book, with a Blessing from the Author: "I am Confident that Anyone who Has Our Chumash in His Home will be Spared from any Misfortune and Harm, Illness and Want; His Home Will be Filled with G-d's Blessing and All Good, Success, Wealth and Longevity…"

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Set of Five Books of the Torah, with Targum Onkelos and various commentaries, and with the Heichal HaBerachah and Otzar HaChaim commentaries, by Rebbe Yitzchak Eizik Yehuda Yechiel Safrin, rabbi of Zidichov and Komarno. Lviv: Pessel Balaban, [1864-1874]. First edition printed in the lifetime of the author, over the course of approximately ten years. Five volumes.
This book contains two original works by the author: The Heichal HaBerachah commentary – commentary based on Kabbalistic and Chassidic teachings regarding Masorah, exact spelling of words and spacing between sections; and the Otzar HaChaim commentary on the 613 mitzvot as found in the Torah portions, Kabbalistic and Chassidic commentary explaining which mitzvah is alluded to in each letter of the Ten Commandments. Both compositions are based on the principles of the Arizal and Baal Shem Tov.
The Heichal HaBerachah chumashim by R. Yitzchak Eizik of Komarno are classic works of Kabbalistic and Chassidic thought, favored by rebbes of all circles.
The author describes in a letter the segulah qualities of the book, promising "…I am confident that anyone who has our Chumash in his home will be spared from any misfortune and harm, illness and want, and his home will be filled with G-d's blessing and all good, success, wealth and longevity for him and his offspring… children, life and sustenance, benevolence and mercy, favorable judgement, for a long life".
Incomplete copies (apart from Vayikra vol.). Five volumes. Bereshit: 12-283, [7] leaves. Lacking first 13 leaves, and two leaves (leaves [7]-[8]) of [9] final leaves. Leaves 171-174 bound out of sequence. Shemot vol. (with Megillat Esther): 4-320, [39] leaves. Lacking first five leaves and [7] leaves preceding final leaf of Megillat Esther. Vayikra vol. (with Shir HaShirim): [2], 300, [11]; [4], 15-62 leaves. Bamidbar vol. (with Megillat Ruth): [1], 225, [15] leaves. [1] leaf at beginning of vol. comprises author's preface and approbation by R. Yitzchak Eizik of Zidichov. Lacking first three leaves. Devarim vol. (with Kohelet and Eichah): 211, [1], 26 leaves. Lacking first four leaves. Approx. 26-27 cm. Condition varies, good-fair to fair. Stains, including dampstains. Minor wear to some leaves. Worming affecting text (extensive worming to vol. V). Tears, including open tears affecting text, repaired in part with paper. Title page of Vayikra vol. and other leaves reinforced with paper. Stamps and handwritten inscriptions. New bindings.
Stefansky Chassidut, no. 218.

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