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Set of Chumashim – Tikkun Sofrim Torat Emet with Siddur – Amsterdam, 1827

Opening: $400
Sold for: $813
Including buyer's premium

Five-volume set. Torat Emet – Tikkun Sofrim, Five Books of the Torah, with Rashi commentary, Haftarot and Western-Ashkenazi rite siddur with yotzrot and piyyutim. Accurate edition. Amsterdam, 1827. Published by R. Naftali Löwenstamm son of R. Yaakov Moshe, Rabbi of Amsterdam.
Additional engraved title page in all volumes, depicting Moshe and Aharon, the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai and the Temple.
[1] leaf after first [2] leaves in Bamidbar not listed in Bibliography of Hebrew Book.
5 volumes. Bereshit: [1], 7, 91; [1], 15; 32; 10 leaves. Shemot: [2], 86; 20; 32; 28 leaves. Vayikra: [2], 56; 18; 32; 30 leaves. Bamidbar: [3], 70; 12; 32; 8 leaves. Devarim: [1], 66; 11; 32; 9 leaves. 18-19.5 cm (Vayikra vol. larger than other vols.; with different binding). Good condition. Stains. Minor worming to Bamidbar vol. Engraved title page of Bamidbar vol. trimmed, with damage to engraved border, repaired with paper. Leaves trimmed with slight damage to text in several places. Signature in vol. III. Old bindings, with leather spines (one vol. in different leather binding). Damage to bindings, open tears to spines.

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