Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Sefer Michlol – Venice, 1545 – Glosses of the Apostate Immanuel Tremellius, in Hebrew and Latin – Small Format Edition

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Sefer Michlol, grammar of the Holy Tongue, by R. David Kimchi – the Radak, annotated by R. Eliyahu Ashkenazi [Bachur]. Venice: Daniel Bomberg for Cornelio Adelkind, 1545.
Small format. A large format edition was printed concurrently.
Signature on the title page. Many marginal glosses in Latin and Hebrew, in an early hand from the time of printing. The glosses were handwritten by the Italian apostate Immanuel Tremellius. Some of the Hebrew glosses open with the words: "So said Immanuel Tremellius".

Immanuel Tremellius (1510-1580), Jewish apostate, priest and missionary. He converted to Catholicism, Protestantism, and eventually to Calvinism. Professor of Hebrew in the universities of Strasbourg, Cambridge and Heidelberg. He wrote several works, including a missionary work in Hebrew, later printed in Madras (present day: Chennai, India) for missionizing Indian Jews.

239, 238-268, [1] leaves. 15 cm. Good condition. Stains. Wear to title page. Original parchment binding. Minor defects to binding. Bookplate.

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