Roman Rite Machzor – Both Parts – Rimini, 1521 – Printed by Gershom Soncino

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Year-round machzor following Roman rite, Part I – weekday, Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh prayers, prayers and selichot from Chanukah until Shabbat Nachamu, Passover Haggadah, Shemoneh Perakim by the Rambam and Tractate Avot with the foreword and commentary of the Rambam; and Part II – prayers for Elul and the Tishrei holidays, selichot for public fasts, and other prayers. [Rimini: Gershom Soncino, 1521]. Two parts in one volume.
Third and rare edition of the Roman rite machzor, printed based on the first edition of the machzor, Soncino-Casalmaggiore 1486, with emendations.
Part I includes the Mi Kamocha piyyut for the Shabbat preceding Purim; and Azharot by R. Shlomo ibn Gabirol and R. Eliyahu HaZaken. Part II includes Megillat Kohelet and laws for various occasions.

Incomplete copy. Two parts in one volume. [2]-[5], [13]-[18], [25]-[72], [74]-[77], [79]-[132], [134]-[151]; [1]-[102], [104]-[137] leaves. Originally: [151;139] leaves. Lacking 20 leaves: title page, leaves [6]-[12], [19]-[24], [73], [78], [133] of part I; leaf [103] and final two leaves of part II. All missing leaves replaced in photocopy. 25.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, including dampstains. Tears, including open tears to many leaves (large tears to several leaves), affecting text, mostly repaired with paper. Leaves trimmed with damage to text in some places. Censorship deletions in several places. Endpapers (presumably original) with many inscriptions bound at beginning and end of book. New, ornate leather binding. Slipcased.

The machzor was printed by the renowned Hebrew printer Gershom Soncino, one of the most prominent Italian Hebrew printers. Soncino traveled with his family and printing equipment through various Italian cities, printing Hebrew books wherever he settled.
See: A. Piattelli, Bibliografia shel Mahzorim ve-sidurim ke-minhag bene Roma, no. 9.
Provenance: Valmadonna Trust Library.

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