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Responsa Avnei Tzedek by the Yitav Lev – Both Parts – First Edition – Lviv, 1885-1886

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Responsa Avnei Tzedek, by Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet (the Yitav Lev). Lviv: Uri Ze'ev Wolf Salat, 1883-1885. First edition. Two parts in two volumes.
Part I (Orach Chaim and Yoreh De'ah): [2], 48; 8, 57-80 leaves. Part II (Yoreh De'ah, Even HaEzer and Choshen Mishpat, with some novellae on Kiddushin): [3], 81-154 leaves. Approx. 35-38 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear. Creases. Marginal tears to some leaves of part II (affecting text on final leaf), repaired in part with paper. New bindings.

Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet – the Yitav Lev (1808-1883), son of R. Elazar Nisan Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet, and son-in-law of R. Moshe David Ashkenazi – rabbi of Tolcsva who immigrated to Safed. He was a close disciple of his grandfather the Yismach Moshe – Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum Rabbi of Ujhel, who drew him especially close and disclosed to him Heavenly revelations which he had perceived with Divine inspiration. He was also a disciple of Rebbe Asher Yeshaya of Ropshitz. In 1833 (at the age of 25), he was appointed rabbi of Stropkov, and after the passing of his illustrious grandfather, he was selected to succeed him as rabbi of Ujhel. He was then appointed rabbi of Gorlitz (Gorlice), and later of Drohobych. In 1858, he went to serve as rabbi of Sighet (Sighetu Marmației), capital of the Maramureș region, and founded there a large yeshiva, which numbered at its zenith two hundred students. Amongst his renowned disciples from that time was R. Shlomo Leib Tabak author of Erech Shai and head of the Sighet Beit Din. His grandson attested that "he was a merciful father to his disciples, carrying them on his shoulders as a nurse carries a suckling, and overseeing each one individually to ensure they studied Torah in holiness and purity". In Sighet, he earned worldwide renown, and thousands of Chassidim flocked to seek his counsel and wisdom, blessings and salvation. He was renowned for his exceptional holiness, and his grandson R. Yoel of Satmar attested that his holiness was never tainted. Numerous stories circulated of the wonders he performed, including incredible insights which were revealed to him with Divine Inspiration and through his exceptional wisdom. He was reputed in his generation as one who could read the minds of those standing before him, and amazing stories were told of this ability. His epitaph reads: "The renowned rabbi, he edified upstanding and reputable disciples, left behind valuable compositions". He is renowned for his books: Yitav Lev on the Torah, Yitav Panim on the Festivals, Rav Tuv on the Torah and Responsa Avnei Tzedek.

The Yitav Lev, His Son the Kedushat Yom tov and His Garnadson the Atzei Chaim
The Yitav Lev, His Son the Kedushat Yom tov and His Garnadson the Atzei Chaim