Auction 93 Part 1 - Manuscripts, Prints and Engravings, Objects and Facsimiles, from the Gross Family Collection, and Private Collections

Portrait of R. Dov Ber Meisels Rabbi of Kraków, 19th Century

Opening: $500
Sold for: $2,375
Including buyer's premium

Portrait of R. Dov Ber Meisels. Lithograph by H. Aschenbrenner. Warsaw: J. Rothwanda i N. Winkelhakena, [ca. 1860].
The portrait is followed by a caption in Hebrew "Dov Ber Meisels / rabbi of Warsaw"; and Polish: "Baer Meisels, Rabin Okregow Warszawskich", with his (printed) signature in Hebrew and Polish.
R. Dov Ber Meisels (1798–1870), chief rabbi of Kraków and Warsaw and leader of Polish Jewry. He authored Chiddushei Mahardam on Sefer HaMitzvot by the Rambam.

35.5X24–24.5 cm. Fair–good condition. Some open tears. Some stains and creases. Right margin cut on a slant. Stamp on verso.

Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, 112.011.059.

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