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Netiv Mitzvotecha VeOtzar HaChaim (Komarno) – First Edition – Lviv, 1858 – With Author's Promise: "Those Who Support Us… G-d Will Protect Them from All Illness and Affliction, and Their Prestige and Fortune Will Be Raised with Blessing, Wealth, Honor and Happiness, Good Fortune, Sons, Life and Livelihood"

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Netiv Mitzvotecha, introductions and explanations on faith, worship of G-d and yichudim, with Otzar HaChaim Part I, Bereshit – on the 613 commandments according to the Pardes approaches, by Rebbe Yitzchak Eizik Yehuda Yechiel Safrin of Komarno. Lviv: Michael F. Poremba, 1858. First edition.

Divisional title page for Otzar HaChaim part.
Lengthy and interesting preface by the author, at the end of which he promises anyone who assists in publishing the book or helps his Chassidim: " …those who support us… G-d will protect them from all illness and affliction, and their prestige and fortune will be raised with blessing, wealth, honor and happiness, good fortune, sons, life and livelihood".
In his book Zohar Chai, the author guarantees that anyone who studies the present work will rest in the World to Come without needing to return as a Gilgul.
Stamp on the title page of R. Matityahu Segal [Rosenblitt], rabbi of Túrterebes.

40, [1]; 26, [1] leaves. 25.5 cm. Most leaves in good condition. Stains. Two leaves with many dark stains. Minor marginal open tears to title page, affecting border, repaired with paper and tape. Paper repair to second leaf, slightly affecting text. New leather binding.

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