Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Nefesh HaChaim by Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin – First Edition – Vilna and Horodna, 1824 – Important Ownership, Signature of the Nephew of R. Chaim of Volozhin

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Nefesh HaChaim, by R. Chaim of Volozhin, foremost disciple of the Gaon of Vilna. Vilna and Horodna: Menachem Mann son of Baruch and Simcha Simmel son of Menachem Nachum, 1824. First edition.
A classic book of the teachings of the Gaon of Vilna and his disciples, concerning manners of conduct and service of G-d according to both the revealed and hidden realms of the Torah (many parts of the book were written as a response to the Chassidic school of thought, following the philosophy and ways of the Gaon of Vilna and his disciples).
At the top of the title page, ownership inscription from the time of the printing (trimmed and partially deleted): "…Yitzchak son of R. Shmuel Ginzburg". This is presumably the signature of R. Yitzchak of Horodna, nephew of the author R. Chaim of Volozhin, son of his brother-in-law R. Shmuel Ginzburg, community leader in Horodna.
Many ownership inscriptions from various times.

[6], 17; 10; 8, [1]; 4; 17 leaves. 21 cm. Fair condition. Stains, wear and tears. Extensive worming, affecting text. Stamps. Old binding.

The Gaon of Vilna and his Disciples