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Mikraot Gedolot – Neviim Acharonim – Venice, 1547-1548 – Printed by Bomberg

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Mikraot Gedolot, Neviim Acharonim. Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1547-[1548].
Bound at the end of the volume: leaves from a later Mikraot Gedolot edition (Basel: Ludwig König, 1618-1619).
Many handwritten inscriptions on the title page and other leaves, including signature of R. Yosef Shmuel Freund of Karoly.
Incomplete copy. [1], 442-498, 503-681 leaves. Lacking leaves 499-502, 682-685, and [1] final leaf (blank) + leaves from Basel 1618-1619 edition: leaves 692-695; 511-520; 696-705. 37 cm. Fair condition. Stains, including significant dampstains. Wear. Large open tears to title page, with significant damage to border, and open tears to other leaves, affecting text. Large paper repairs to title page. Paper repairs to other leaves. Worming, slightly affecting text. Censorship deletions, with open tears due to ink erosion. New binding.
Bound at the end are leaves from the Basel 1618-1619 edition – leaves 692-695 (these replace leaves 682-685 which are missing in this copy) and leaves 511-520, 696-705, with commentary of Ibn Ezra to Yeshayah and Trei Asar.

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