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Manuscript, Unpublished Composition – By Rabbi Avraham ben David (the Raavad) of Salonika, Author of Tiferet Adam

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Handwritten booklet, Halachic composition on Shulchan Aruch and "Zichronot", by R. Chaim Avraham ben David, Rabbi of Serres and Torah scholar of Salonika, author of Tiferet Adam. [Salonika, 19th century].
Complete booklet, which was not published in his book Tiferet Adam. Includes: Novellae on Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat, Even HaEzer and Orach Chaim; "Zichronot" – Principles and Halachic treatises.
Author's autograph, with deletions, corrections and additions. This manuscript was known to the Torah scholars of Turkey, and is quoted in the books of R. David Pipano, Choshen HaEfod and Avnei HaEfod as "the Raavad, author of Tiferet Adam in a manuscript responsa" (see Choshen HaEfod, section 153, 1; section 312, 9; Avnei HaEfod, section 112, 2). All these citations appear in this manuscript, which R. Pipano had obviously studied.
R. Chaim Avraham ben David, Rabbi of Serres – known as the Raavad of Salonika (d. ca. 1840-1850s), was a Torah scholar of Salonika while his father R. David ben Moshe supported him financially (in the honor of and after his father, R. Avraham named his book Tiferet Adam: A.D.M – Avraham David Moshe). After his father's passing, he was compelled to assume a rabbinical position in Serres (near Salonika) – in place of R. Chaim Avraham Estrosa, author of Yerech Avraham and Ben Avraham, who served as rabbi there until 1814. R. Avraham later passed away and was buried in Serres. He was a disciple of R. Yehoshua HaKohen Perachya (d. 1810) and of R. Refael Yaakov Menashe, author of Be'er HaMayim (1762-1832. His book was printed in 1836). In this manuscript (Choshen Mishpat section 312), the author discusses and questions the words of his teacher, author of Be'er HaMayim. This discussion is quoted briefly in Choshen HaEfod (abovementioned): "The Raavad, author of Tiferet Adam in manuscript, cites the words of his teacher the Be'er HaMayim, relating to the words of Moharitatz (R. Yom Tov Tzahalon), and writes that his words are difficult to understand".
Tiferet Adam (Salonika, 1863) was printed after R. Chaim Avraham's passing, compiled from the manuscripts he left behind. This book is quoted in Halachic literature until this day. The printed book consists of novellae and responsa on the four parts of Shulchan Aruch, with a "Zichronot" list in alphabetical order at the end. This manuscript was presumably not known to those who compiled the book, as it should have been included.
Approx. 39 written pages. 20 cm. High-quality paper. Good-fair condition. Stains, tears and wear, slightly affecting text.
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