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Manuscript, Selections of Torah Novellae – 19th Century – Copy of the Steipler with his Handwritten Note

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Manuscript, "Likutim" – Selections of novellae and deliberations in Halacha and Aggada, on the Talmud and on the Torah, by two writers. [Europe, ca. 19th century].
Ownership and other inscriptions from various periods. Including ownership inscriptions of R. Leib Homler, student of the Novardok yeshiva in Białystok, and ownership inscription of "Our master and teacher R. Yaakov Kanievsky". A scholarly note appears on p. 33b, in a more recent script (presumably, in the handwriting of the Steipler – R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky).
Signatures and other inscriptions in early script: "Meshulam Feivel son of R. Yissachar Ber - Meszulem Faiwel Berkowicz"; draft letter to "the astute Torah scholar R. Alexander Susman son of R. Eliezer Yaakov of Łabiszyn by West Prussia".
This work was composed by several writers: leaves 1-34 in neat, calligraphic Ashkenazic script (typical of ca. start of the 19th century). The pages bear the heading "Likutim" (selections). From p. 30b, the heading changes to "Selections – New Vessels" (the expression "new vessels" presumably implies that henceforth, the selections consist of the writer's own novellae). Leaves 39-43 contain a different, more recent Ashkenazic script typical of the second half of the 19th century. An additional leaf appears between the leaves, (in a script characteristic of the start of the 20th century, possibly the Steipler's handwriting) containing ethical thoughts for Parashat Chayei Sara.
R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (1899-1985), author of Kehilot Yaakov and brother-in-law of the Chazon Ish, was the dean of Novardok – Beit Yosef yeshivot in Bnei Brak and around the world. Already as a yeshiva student he became known in the Lithuanian yeshiva world as "the Steipler" (appellation derived from his hometown Hornostaipil, Ukraine), and stories abound about the scope of his diligence, brilliance and holiness.
In his adolescent years, he wandered from the Novardok yeshiva in Homel (Gomel), Ukraine, over the border into Poland, and became one of the founding students of the main Novardok yeshiva in Białystok, together with his friend R. Leibel Homler. Presumably, the latter gave him this manuscript during that period (an ethical essay from the teachings of R. Aryeh Leib Homler was published in Gevilei Eish, ethical discourses from leading Novardok alumni who perished in the Holocaust, Jerusalem 1973, p. 256).
[1], 1-35, [1], 39-44, [5] leaves. Contains 79 written pages of Torah thoughts, the remaining leaves do not comprise Torah thoughts, only page numbers and various inscriptions. 19.5 cm. Thick, high-quality paper, fair condition. Worming affecting text. Wear. Detached leaves. Without binding.
Lithuanian Rabbis of the Past Generation – Manuscripts, Letters and Signatures