Manuscript, Ir David, by R. David Oppenheim – Author's Autograph – Unprinted Composition

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Manuscript, Ir David, compilation of Chazal teachings in halacha and aggada, with novellae and explanations, by Rabbi David Oppenheim. [Prague, ca. early 18th century].
Manuscript of a monumental composition authored by R. David Oppenheim, comprising a compilation of midrashim and Chazal teachings arranged according to topics, with additions of novellae and explanations. R. David did not succeed in bringing this work to print, and until today it has not been printed (see: H. Michael, Or HaChaim, Frankfurt, 1891, p. 315). Various sections of this composition exist in a number of libraries around the world.
The composition is named "Ir" (= city) and its entries are called "Batim" (= houses, the composition is also called "Sefer HaBatim" [Book of Houses]). A number of manuscripts exist with the "Batim" arranged in alphabetical order, written by a copier, and each of the "Batim" is divided into sub-sections named "Chadarim" (= rooms). This autograph manuscript is from the initial stage of writing, and the entries are not written in any special order but put onto paper as the author happened to write them. Large sections of this manuscript are handwritten by the author, and some sections were written by a copier, at times with amendments and additions in the author's handwriting. Above each section, the author wrote the type of "Bayit" to which the section belongs.
In two places, the author refers to his other books. On p. [15a]: "See my book Yad David at length". On p. [33b], he mentions "my book Yalkut David, leaf 79".
Various novellae and short notes appear on the last leaves, later crossed out (apparently because they were copied elsewhere).
The renowned R. David Oppenheim (1664-1736) was a prominent leader in his times. Outstanding Torah scholar, rabbi and head of yeshiva, kabbalist and posek, wealthy and influential in the Emperor's court. He was a disciple of R. Gershon Ashkenazi, author of Avodat HaGershuni, of R. Yaakov Katz, father of the Chacham Zvi, and of R. Binyamin Epstein, author of Nachalat Binyamin. He had a close relationship with R. Yair Chaim Bacharach, author of Chavot Yair, exchanging with him halachic correspondence. In 1690, while still in his twenties, he was appointed Rabbi of Nikolsburg (Mikulov) and the country of Moravia. Twenty years later, he was appointed Rabbi of Prague, eventually officiating as Chief Rabbi of entire Bohemia. In Prague, he served as rabbi for over 25 years until his death. He wrote about 20 halachic and aggadic books, including Responsa Nish'al David. Only a few of his compositions were printed. Exceptionally wealthy (he inherited his wealth from his father-in-law and from his uncle, R. Shmuel Oppenheim), he had close ties with the Emperor's court and with all the top governing officials. While his books remained in manuscripts, he was very supportive of Torah scholars and assisted them in printing their books. R. David dearly loved books and privately compiled the most important Jewish library in his times, containing thousands of volumes of rare books and manuscripts encompassing a large span of years. After his death, his library was offered for sale and was purchased by the Oxford University Bodleian Library in England.
[80] written leaves (and many more blank leaves). 19 cm. Good condition. A few stains. Light wear. New leather binding.
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Famous Torah Luminaries - 16th-19th Centuries - Manuscripts, Letters and Signatures