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Machzor with the Kimcha DeAvishona Commentary – Bologna, 1540 – Many Handwritten Glosses by Pesaro Torah Scholars – Gathering of Eight Leaves Printed on Parchment – Two Parts in Two Volumes

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Roman-rite machzor, with the Kimcha DeAvishona commentary. Prayers and piyyutim for weekdays, Shabbat and festivals. Including: Passover Haggadah, Tractate Avot with the commentaries of the Rambam and "the leading physician Rabbenu Ovadia of Sforno". Bologna: [Menachem son of Abraham of Modena, Yechiel son of Solomon of Ravenna and Dan Aryeh son of Solomon Chaim of Monselice], [1540]. Two parts in two volumes. First edition of the commentary of R. Ovadia Sforno to Tractate Avot, printed in his lifetime.
One of the most prominent machzorim printed in Italy. First edition of Kimcha DeAvishona, comprehensive commentary to prayers and piyyutim, by R. Yochanan son of R. Yosef Treves (the commentary was published anonymously).
Both volumes contain hundreds of handwritten glosses in cursive Italian script (some trimmed). In several places, the writer mentions his city – Pesaro. The glosses include commentaries and objections, textual corrections, laws and customs.
One gloss quotes R. Binyamin Vitali Kohen – the Rabach (referred to as amongst the living).
The writer quotes in one place the work Maccabi by R. Yaakov Yisrael Finzi of Recanati, a work which remained in manuscript form until this day.
On the verso of the title page of vol. I, inscription in Italian from the leaders of the Somech Noflim society in Pesaro, dated December 1726.
Five handwritten leaves (in various scripts) bound at the end of part II, with additional texts.
The second volume includes one gathering of eight leaves (gathering 9) printed on parchment (some copies were entirely printed on parchment). Printed leaves pasted over parchment at beginning and end of gathering.
Censorship signatures at the end of vol. II, and censorship expurgations (with open tears in some places due to ink erosion).

Two parts in two volumes. Vol. I: [199] leaves. Lacking one leaf in middle (first leaf of second gathering). Vol. II: [189] leaves. 37.5 cm. Overall fair condition. Stains, including dampstains and traces of past dampness. Wear. Extensive worming, affecting text. Tears, including open tears, affecting text, repaired with paper (with handwritten text replacement in several places). Marginal paper repairs to some leaves. Leaves trimmed with damage to edges of engraved title pages, and with slight damage to text in several places. Early leather bindings, damaged, with worming and tears.

Less than twenty Hebrew books were ever printed in Bologna. This machzor was one of the last books printed there.
Provenance: Estate of Prof. Ephraim Elimelech Urbach.

Siddurim and Teffilot
Siddurim and Teffilot