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Letters from the Trieste Community – Regarding a Jew Found Eating in a Non-Kosher Coffeehouse – Trieste, 1771

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Four letters regarding a Jew from Trieste who ate in a non-kosher coffeehouse in the city. Trieste, 1771. Italian, with some Hebrew.
• Letter from R. Yitzchak Formiggini Rabbi of Trieste, regarding a Jew named Gatenio (Gattegno), who ate pastries in a non-Jewish coffehouse near the ghetto.
• Two copies of David Gatenio's letter of remorse, dated 8th day of Chanukah 1771, with his signature.
• Letter (or certificate) from the community members dated Rosh Chodesh Tevet 1771, on the same topic.
R. Yitzchak Formiggini, leading Italian Torah scholar, rabbi of Turin and later of Trieste. The Chida quotes novellae in his name in his books.
The present affair is documented in the Pinkas of the Trieste community, where it is recorded that R. Yitzchak Formiggini sentenced Gatenio to three days of excommunication, after which he would have to confess in the synagogue. After Gatenio complained about the rabbi's ruling to the authorities, his sentence was commuted, and he was only obligated to provide a letter of confession and remorse (enclosed).
4 letters. Size varies. Overall good condition. Stains and dampness damage (with traces of mold).

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Italian Jewry – Manuscripts, Letters and Documents