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Letters to Safed from Chassidic Courts in Europe – Letters from Rabbi Moshe Brumer Attendant of the Tzemach Tzadik of Vizhnitz, and Letters from Rabbi Mendel Walzer Attendant of Rebbe Chaim Hager of Otynia

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Large collection of letters and financial records pertaining to Eretz Israel funds, send to Safed from the courts of the Vizhnitz rebbes in Europe. Ca. 1880s and 1920s.
• Many letters and notes (28 leaves) handwritten and signed by R. Moshe Brumer, scribe and attendant of the Tzemach Tzadik, Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Vizhnitz. Vizhnitz, 1880-1888.
• Nine letters handwritten and signed by R. Mendel Walzer, attendant of Rebbe Chaim Hager of Otynia (son of R. Baruch of Vizhnitz). Stanislav, ca. 1920s.
The first rebbe of Vizhnitz – R. Menachem Mendel Hager, author of Tzemach Tzadik (1830 – Tishrei 1884), was very active in collecting and raising funds on behalf of the poor of Safed and Tiberias, and in distributing Eretz Israel funds. With time, he founded Kollel Vizhnitz, and appointed R. Moshe Charag (Zeiger), a prominent member of the Chassidic community in Safed, to lead it.
His grandson Rebbe Chaim Hager (1863-1932), son of the Imrei Baruch, was appointed rebbe in Otynia after his father's passing, and he succeeded the latter as Nesi Eretz Israel, heading the fundraising for Kollel Bukovina. After WWI, he settled in Stanislav, and the present letters are from that period.
Approx. 38 paper items. Size and condition vary.

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