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Letter from Rebbe Chaim Elazar Spira, Rabbi of Munkacs, Author of Minchat Elazar – Recommendation for Medical Assistance and Blessings for a Good Year

Opening: $4,000
Estimate: $5,000 - $6,000
Sold for: $5,000
Including buyer's premium
Letter (approx. 7 lines), handwritten and signed by Rebbe Chaim Elazar Spira Rabbi of Munkacs (Munkachevo), author of Minchat Elazar. Munkacs, Elul 1931.
Written on the Rebbe's printed visiting card – "Lasar Spira – bez. Oberrabbiner – Mukacevo", and addressed to R. Eliezer Bollag, requesting his assistance for an ill person, a descendant of Torah scholars and pious men, who needs to stay in the Jewish sanatorium close to him. The Rebbe bids him to use his influence to have him admitted in the hospital - "please do for him this great kindness".
The letter begins with blessings for a good year: "A good inscribing and sealing, peace and all good things until the coming of the true redeemer speedily".
R. Chaim Elazar Spira (1872-1937, Otzar HaRabbanim 6243) was a leading Torah scholar in Halacha and Chassidism in his generation, and a foremost kabbalist. He was the son of R. Tzvi Hirsh Rabbi of Munkacs, the Darchei Teshuva and grandson of R. Shlomo Spira Rabbi of Munkacs, author of Shem Shlomo, a scion of the illustrious lineage of R. Tzvi Elimelech of Dynów, the Bnei Yissaschar. He stood at the helm of campaigns safeguarding authentic Judaism, and his teachings on Halacha and Kabbalah were disseminated all over the Jewish world. His works include: Responsa Minchat Elazar, Shaar Yissachar, Nimukei Orach Chaim, Divrei Torah 9 Parts, and more. [See: Darkei Chaim VeShalom].
Business card. 11X6.5 cm. Very good condition.
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