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Letter from Rabbi Nachum Partzovitz – Jerusalem, 1956 – Praising the Student Noach Weinberg (Later Dean of Aish HaTorah) as "Exceptional and Wonderful in All Respects… in His Penetrating and Profound Understanding… Following the Correct Understanding of the Torah…"

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Letter handwritten and signed by R. Nachum Partzovitz, dean of the Mir yeshiva in Eretz Israel. Jerusalem, 7th Av 1956.
The letter was sent to a student of the Mir yeshiva in Brooklyn, U.S., in response to his request for information for shidduch purposes about the student Noach Weinberg from the U.S., who had studied for a while in the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem.
R. Nachum responds in his letter: "I know Mr. Noach Weinberg well from his period in our yeshiva, and he is exceptional and wonderful in all respects, whether in breadth of knowledge, or in his penetrating and profound understanding… following the correct understanding of the Torah, and truly diligent… he is also G-d-fearing, and endowed with qualities, virtues and pleasant manners…". R. Nachum adds that he asked his father-in-law R. Chaim Shmulevitz about him as well, and the latter concurred with his judgement. R. Nachum also clarifies that R. Noach seems to be seeking a truly G-d-fearing wife, which is difficult to find.
R. Nachum Partzovitz (1923-1986), disciple of R. Baruch Ber Leibowitz and R. Elchanan Wasserman, later a student of the Mir yeshiva in Mir and Shanghai. Son-in-law and successor of R. Chaim Shmulevitz, dean of the Mir yeshiva. A leading Torah disseminator in his times.
R. Noach Weinberg (1930-2009), founder and dean of Aish HaTorah; leading outreach activist and disseminator of Judaism in the United States and worldwide.
Aerogram. Approx. 30X17.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Folding marks.

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